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Fossil Fool

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Topics of the day: météo, Jacky Bryant, borders, meat

Today we went to météo France again to get some data which we were still missing – now we only need to stick it into that program to simulate the ideal mix of renewables for Tahiti (okay, it won’t be quite that simple but at least I feel that we are one step closer to the finish line). In the evening Tia and Tino had invited us for dinner again to meet Jacky Bryant – the most important green politician in French Polynesia (according to Manuel). We discussed energy-self-sufficiency, public transport, meat consumption (I think he’s not particularly fond of vegetarians and didn’t seem to get my point (it takes about 10 kg of grain/soya (plants) to produce 1 kg of meat – so I prefer to be efficient and eat the plants directly) and tried to convince me that beans have feelings too and that I should maybe eat only meat instead of vegetables). We also talked about national pride and borders (I argued that they encourage racism, competition and people always thinking about personal advantage) – another topic we couldn’t agree on. I can’t say that I was particularly happy at the end of the day…

Final thought of the day: Why can’t people who actually “got it” set a good example for others and pull in the same direction/act in concert?

Die Maeva Trilogie

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