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Spending too much time thinking about an Eco-Dictatorship

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Aute II - Pape’ete, Tahiti

Topics of the day: understanding the world, moving to Pape’ete

As presumptuous as it may sound – I think I’ve understood the world (at least roughly) – it’s so shockingly obvious! We’re wrecking the planet but no one wants to take responsibility. How can people dump (toxic and nuclear) waste in the ground, water and air and not be arrested? What is wrong with our perception of justice?

Back to lower spheres: Raphael went downtown to get the keys for Taina’s son’s apartment while I stayed in bed (had a headache – wonder if that was induced by me reading about Dirk’s early horror-vision of 2040 (eco-dictatorship)). We packed up and cleaned the flat, said goodbye to Manuel and asked if we could kidnap the rice-cooker (since our new apartment is so new that it doesn’t have a kitchen yet). After unloading our things on the third floor we went all the way up (the building has 9 floors and is probably one of the highest ones in Pape’ete). As much as I hate “sky-scrapers”/blots on the landscape/mankind’s cancer-like growth I must admit the view is magnificent (Moorea and the harbor one way, the mountains and woods the other way) and I think your ecological footprint is smaller too, since it takes up less land (less soil sealing) – I guess the swimming pool on the roof compensates for that again. I feel like a spoiled child…

Final thoughts of the day: Water privatization and microchip implants scare me. Wonder who had these absolutely sick ideas?!
If we all work together, can we make this madness stop and develop in a healthier direction?
We need your help!

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