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It's raining cats and dogs - A good day for Hydropower

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Aute II, Tahiti

Topics of the day: gloomy day, rain, reading

I felt a bit drained today – we didn’t do much (not too sure what Raphael did – I think he wrote some e-mails and read/looked at the files we got from our secret informant P.) It rained almost all day – I cycled down to the post office in Pirae in order to get my e-mail-kick just to cycle back up again (junkies will do anything to obey their addiction)… and read – the future really doesn’t look too bright - wonder how many centuries mankind has left…

Final thought of the day: If our “home” (or all homes) only had a rainwater tank – it would be full by know and could be used for the washing machine and flushing the toilet (althoug a compost toilet would be even more efficient – doesn’t need water at all and I heard they don’t even stink!).

Die Maeva Trilogie

Maeva Trilogie frei t

Das Tahiti Projekt ist der erste Teil der Maeva Trilogie.

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Maeva (Der Südsee Virus)


Feuer am Fuss

Die Romane sind dennoch eigenständige Geschichten und können problemlos ohne Vorkenntnisse gelesen werden.


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